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Now that you’ve begun your wedding planning process, you surely know that weddings can get expensive. As of last year, the average American wedding cost around $33,000, but that number largely depends on where you decide to get married. Want to do a destination wedding on a budget? Go domestic! Consider jet setting to one of these cheap places to get married in the U.S.: the most affordable American cities.

What state is most affordable?

Given that it’s the cheapest state to live in it should come as no surprise that Mississipi is the most affordable state to get married in too. The Magnolia State has 5 major cities, each of which has plenty of options for whatever kind of ceremony you have planned.

What's the cheapest month to get married?

January is by far the most affordable. But November and April are close runners up given how popular the months right after each of them are for weddings.

What is the best state to get married in?

Cost isn’t the only deciding factor in where you should get married. You also have to consider things like convenience for travel, what kind of atmosphere it provides, and what venues you can choose from. Really it all comes down to what you and your partner want. For example, if you may want to skip all the annoying paperwork, these states don’t require a marriage license.

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But no matter what your goals are for the experience, you’ll be sure to find the best, most affordable state for you to get married in using the list below.

Here are 27 Cheap U.S. Cities for a Wedding:

Any of these locations will be great for your special day no matter what you budget!

1. Nashville, Tennessee

Boasting a rich history and seemingly unending charm, Music City is the most affordable major U.S. city for saying your “I do’s.” Once called the “Athens of the South,” Nashville offers soon-to-be-wed couples a wide range of exciting locations to get married, from charming vineyards to sleek hotels in the heart of the city.

2. New Orleans, Louisiana

It’s no secret that The Big Easy is a city brimming with character and quirky charisma, so it may come as a surprise that it’s one of the best places to get married on a budget. Whether you host a late-night celebration overlooking Bourbon Street or a daytime soiree on a stately plantation, New Orleans is sure to provide you with memorable wedding experience.

3. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Since rising from the ashes of a declining steel industry, Pittsburgh has become an unexpected hot spot in the Mid-Atlantic. It also happens to be an incredibly affordable place to host your nuptials. With its diverse, trendy neighborhoods and unique atmosphere, Pittsburgh offers a truly one-of-a-kind location for saying “I do.”

4. Scottsdale, Arizona

Home to year ‘round sunny weather and some of the most luxurious resorts in the nation, Scottsdale is an ideal location to exchange your vows. Despite the picture-perfect conditions, “The West's Most Western Town” is one of the most affordable places to get married in the U.S. Whether you tie the knot in a beautiful ballroom overlooking a lush golf course or a picturesque desert ranch, Scottsdale provides a truly singular place to celebrate the big day.

5. Omaha, Nebraska

Despite being the largest city in the state, Omaha boasts low price tags when it comes to weddings. Get hitched in one of the city’s varied and diverse venues, ranging from rustic yet charming chapels to glamorous ballrooms that would impress even the most seasoned wedding guests.

6. Aiken, South Carolina

One of the two largest cities on the Savannah River, this horse-country town is a great place to host an affordable ceremony and/or reception. Whether you’d like to get hitched on a luxurious ranch at sunset or along the magical waters of this historic land, Aiken is the ideal spot for a rustic wedding.

7. Salem, Massachusetts

With its cobblestone streets, historic churches, and rich American history, Salem is one of the most interesting and budget-friendly places to get married in this country. Enjoy the magnificent fall colors of an apple orchard on a crisp day or say your vows in a gorgeous (and possibly haunted) attraction.

8. Blue Heron Lake, Ohio

Located in Dorset, this charming and naturally beautifully park is one of the best places couples who’d like to save a little cash can get married. Choose from a serene pavilion overlooking a quaint forest or a dockside celebration with plenty of opportunities for a sunset boat ride at this affordable wedding destination.

9. West Orange, New Jersey

The suburban town hosts a breath-taking mix of red brick buildings, suburban tranquility, and a surprisingly vivid selection of flora and fauna centers - all at a shockingly affordable price. West Orange would be perfect who any couple who dreams of saying “I do” in a breath-taking animal conservatory or on the grounds of a historic mansion.

10. Key West, Florida

The tip of Florida is one of the most tropical and exciting places to get married. Their signature pastel buildings, coral reef exposure, and fishing culture offer plenty of unique wedding venues that most couples can comfortably afford. Get married on the beach, in one of their historic town squares, or on the steps of a glamorous mansion.

11. Tampa, Florida

This old cigar-factory town is filled with plenty of history, culture, and affordable wedding venues for the perfect celebration. Whether you’d prefer to get married at a theme park like Busch Gardens or enjoy a ceremony in a building previously known as a stomping ground for real-life pirates, there are certainly a lot of unique options for affordable weddings here in Tampa.

The 27 Most Affordable & Cheap US Cities for a Wedding | Wedding Spot Blog (1)

12. Weatherford, Texas

This family-oriented community is host to plenty of American settler history and affordable places to get married. If you dream of grand barns, rolling fields, or just some great country cooking, Weatherford is the wedding destination for you.

13. Yorktown, Virginia

Yet another charming town brimming with history, Yorktown is one of the most affordable and interesting places to get married. It’s located on the water and has plenty of contemporary and historic sites to get married. Say your vows in a boutique shop, museum, or historic battlefield in Yorktown.

14. Bensalem, Pennsylvania

Bensalem is best known for its parks, amphitheaters, and entertainment spots (ax throwing or gambling anyone?). The affordable wedding city has mini-mansions, rural outdoor splendor, and tiny churches where you can host the ceremony and reception of your dreams without breaking the bank.

15. Berryville, Virginia

Berryville, conveniently located between most of Virginia’s major cities, has both a timeless and idyllic vibe, with families tracing their lineage back several generations. If a ceremony in a pasture surrounded by wildflowers or a reception in a historic park pavilion sound like a dream come true, Berryville should be high on your list for your big day.

16. Huntington Beach, California

This surf beach - with its adorable shops, boardwalk, and lively events - is the perfect backdrop for a sophisticated and affordable wedding. Besides the ocean, you’ll have access to plenty of stunning golf courses, lakes, ponds, gardens, and equestrian centers for your SoCal ceremony and reception.

17. Virginia Beach, Virginia

This east coast gem and popular vacation spot is an ideal place for couples who want a bit of class and culture without the price tag. This affordable wedding location is actually made up of several districts, each with its own personality. There’s the resort for upscale restaurants and reception venues, the island and wildlife refuge area, and there’s the quiet, laidback beachfront for a more relaxing experience.

18. La Jolla, California

Dramatic oceanside cliffs teeming with wildlife (crabs and seals are a daily sight) is a great place to get married - especially if you love San Diego but prefer to save a little on the San Diego price tag. The delightful community of La Jolla is a great wedding destination for any couple who wants a fresh ocean breeze, excellent restaurants, and tasty breweries to be part of their big day.

19. Anaheim, California

Located about an hour outside of Los Angeles, this southern California wedding location is most famous for having Disney as well as other theme parks. Even if you don’t picture yourself getting married with Mickey Mouse characters in the background, there are plenty of opportunities to plan your perfect day here without overspending.

20. San Antonio, Texas

If the Riverwalk and Alamo aren’t are a draw for you and your betrothed, then consider San Antonio’s natural beauty, parks, and other historic sites for your wedding. Not only is the city affordable, but it also has Spanish cultural roots that add vibrancy to its many shops, promenades, and brick churches.

21. Kildeer, Illinois

Open spaces and natural beauty characterize the village of Kildeer, an area ranked as one of the best suburbs in the country and the perfect affordable wedding location for couples who like the slow and simple vibe of a small town with all the luxuries of a city nearby. Whether you choose to get married on a marsh preservation, grove, park, or in front of a lake, Kildeer has plenty of quaint options for your wedding ceremony and reception.

22. Moseley, Virginia

They do say Virginia is for Lovers - which might be why we’ve included so many affordable U.S. cities for a wedding from this state! Moseley is a great place for couples who like the idea of getting married on a berry farm, in parks with lovely names like “River Paradise”, or a charming boathouse.

23. Littleton, Colorado

As prices begin to climb in Denver, more and more couples are looking to hidden gems like Littleton. Located just a few miles outside the city, weddings can still enjoy the mountain backdrop at a fraction of the price. Local artisan shops, galleries, and cabins make this city a great place to get married!

24. Greenwood, Indiana

Greenwood is a small town with plenty of peace, quiet, and community as well as budget-friendly wedding venues and vendors. If getting married in family-run breweries, restaurants, or community centers sounds perfect to you, consider this thriving area for your special day.

25. Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Arts, culture, and history fill this affordable wedding city located near the Delaware River. For couples who dream of pleasant suburban homes, railroad stations, and charming storefronts as the backdrop for their wedding, this is the place for them.

26. Verdi, Nevada

Mountains, state parks, and rural vibes - what doesn’t this affordable U.S. wedding location have? Verdi is a beautiful small town perfectly suited for gatherings of all sizes. Whether you’d like to host your ceremony at a barn, in a gazebo, or by a cabin, there are lots of places to choose from.

27. Monroe, Georgia

Located just an hour outside of Atlanta, Monroe is an affordable wedding location with a lot to offer. With features like antebellum houses, sparkling government buildings, and a historic community, it’s hard not to picture your wedding here. Couples looking for Southern charm mixed with idyllic promenades and amazing food will surely love having their big day here.

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